Volvo Diesel Power Generators South Africa

Volvo Diesel Power Generators South Africa

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Dedicated Power Group specialise in the sale of Volvo Generators in South Africa, offering the best value solutions for standby and prime power. If you want a highly efficient generator and feel safe in the knowledge your have dependable backup power when you need it, view our entire range of Volvo generators for sale in South Africa.

Volvo diesel generators are known around the world for their unquestionable reliability. We have Volvo generators for sale to suit all applications with tailored solutions available to meet your needs.

The Biggest Choice of Volvo Power Generators

Here at Dedicated Power Group, we offer the widest selection of Volvo emergency generators with models to suit all domestic or commercial uses. You can browse the entire range or contact us today for more information about any of our Volvo generators for sale, and find power you can trust!

It’s a shrewd decision when you choose Volvo generators for backup or prime power. All models in the range are designed to satisfy the most challenging circumstances. Volvo Penta diesel generators are ready to react when the need arises, and we have plenty of examples for you to choose, including the following variants:    

  • Volvo TAD530GE 85 kVA
  • Volvo TAD531GE 100 kVA
  • Volvo TAD731GE 130 kVA
  • Volvo TAD733GE 205 kVA
  • Volvo TA1341GE 315kVA
  • Volvo TWD1643GE 630 kVA

Reliable and dependable Volvo Generators in South Africa

If reliability and dependability are your main concerns when you are purchasing prime or standby generators in South Africa, you can’t go wrong with the Volvo brand. At Dedicated Power Group, all the Volvo generators we sell are designed and built to run with the greatest efficiency and give you optimum performance levels.            

Find out more and ask us for a FREE quote for the generator of your choice. You can contact us today and leave a message through our enquiry form, or simply call us for more details and to receive your no obligation generator quote on +27 (0) 32 947 0208.