FAW Diesel Generators South Africa

FAW Diesel Generators South Africa

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Buy FAW genset equipment from one of the leading generator suppliers in South Africa and call 0861 752 753 for help and advice. Here at Dedicated Power Group, we are proud to be an approved supplier of FAW generator systems, installing generators for Africa and serving many industries with reliable backup power solutions.

Invest in a quality FAW diesel genset and create reliable generator ups systems that help to keep the cogs of industry turning with instant emergency power. We have many models to choose and specialise in FAW generators in South Africa to suit your application and budget.  

Whether you want backup home generators or uninterruptable power supplies, FAW power is the perfect solution that keeps you going when the mains electricity is down.

Standby, Industrial and Diesel FAW Generators in South Africa

Supplying and installing the leading generator engine brands, Dedicated Power Group are here to offer expert advice and guidance to help you buy diesel generators with ease.

If you want to buy FAW Generators in South Africa we can guide you through the whole process and have the following solutions available for you, plus much more:

  • FAW 4DX21-45D 40 kVA
  • FAW 4DX23-65D 50 kVA
  • FAW CA6DF-14D 100 kVA
  • FAW CA6DF2-19D 150 kVA

Get in touch to discuss our FAW Generator Options

For all enquiries, you can speak to the expert team at Dedicated Power Group so we can tailor the perfect generator solution for you.  Just call our friendly and knowledgeable team at Dedicated Power Group and submit your enquiry for a prompt response, or call to speak to us on 0861 752 753