Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS Systems & Power Backup in South Africa

Dedicated Power are specialists in supplying, installing and commissioning turnkey uninterruptible power supplies to commercial clients throughout South Africa. As a business owner, you can’t risk power cuts taking down your IT systems and machinery, and our range of uninterruptible power supplies will give you the time you need to safely shut down non-essential machinery, as well as maintaining power to the areas of your office or factory that need it.

Don’t rely on the uncertainty of mains power, when you can choose a UPS system that will provide you with all the back-up energy and security your workplace needs.

Our USPs in South Africa will boost the security of your business

We offer a wide range of UPS, designed to meet the individual needs of your company. From a small black box to a large piece of machinery for industrial use, your UPS system will provide you with a range of benefits:

  • Protect your workplace from power interruptions
  • Provide short-term power during interruptions, giving you the time needed to switch to your back-up power supply
  • Improves the quality of mains power provided to your workplace, machinery and office
  • Depending on the model, your UPS includes a source of power for long-term outages

Different types of UPSs work in different ways and are suited for different circumstances. If you’re unsure which type of UPS is right for you, our experienced team will find you the system that best meets your needs.

Why choose Direct Power for your UPS in South Africa?

With more than 20 years experience in the UPS industry, installing, repairing and maintaining GX and Riello/Aros uninterruptible power systems, our highly skilled technicians are given regular training to give you the highest level of service. We’ll help you to find a turnkey solution that’s scalable to your business, as well as ensuring you receive the highest standard of customer service and care.

For more information about our UPS in Durban, call us today on 032 947 0208 or get in touch with us online.