About Dedicated Power

The Dedicated team comprises of over 20 years industrial generator and UPS experience, and is one of South Africa’s most trusted diesel generator suppliers & manufacturers.

Our experience in these fields is one built with a hands-on approach with a highly technical team involved from the beginning design stages all the way through to final product completion, installation and on-site commissioning followed by a reliable 24 hour support structure.

Dedicated Power Group has technical expertise in the Generator, I.T., Solar, UPS and Electrical fields. This wide range of expertise allow complete turnkey solutions for ALL power requirements including:

  • Manufacturing of high-end, tailor-made diesel generators.
  • Supply of European high-specification, industrial UPS systems.
  • Supply of Solar solutions for all applications.
  • Containerised Data Centres’.
  • Full electrical installation and commissioning of above solutions

If you are looking for a diesel generator supplier or manufacturer, a UPS solution or anything in between, then Dedicated Power is the team to work with.

Company Policy
  • Quality equipment and installations.
  • Efficient response times.
  • Prioritize customers at all times 24/7.
  • Encompass solutions to suite various technologies and budgets.
Company Vision

To offer the best products along with impeccable service.

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