John Deere Diesel Generators South Africa

John Deere Diesel Generators South Africa

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John Deere generator engines are available in a variety of configurations to suit all standby power or prime power requirements. Offering a complete power range for customers requiring reliable generators in South Africa, here at Dedicated Power Group, we have an extensive collection of John Deere diesel generators ranging from 40kVA to 450kVA depending on the application.

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Known for unquestionable reliability, simplicity and convenience, a John Deere diesel generator minimises noise and reduces vibration to provide efficient and effective standby power. Using established electronic controls, there are many advantages to using John Deere diesel generators in South Africa, delivering all of the following and so much more:      

  • Instant load recovery
  • Cleaner power
  • Improved diagnostics
  • Continual engine monitoring
  • Simple synchronisation

John Deere specialist generator manufacturers in South Africa

Here at Dedicated Power Group, we supply all popular models of John Deere emergency generators designed to create a cleaner working environment. Every generator we sell uses original engines, alternators, and supplementary components, so you can be assured of the performance of your gen-set.  

Working in partnership with the leading providers of generators throughout all areas of South Africa, we are confident at Dedicated Power Group we will have the ideal John Deere generator for sale at the best possible price.  

You can view the complete collection of generators we have for sale and get in touch with us if you have any queries or need help and advice at any stage.

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Look at the product range if you want a standby power generator or need prime power on remote sites. Should you require additional details about any of the John Deere generators we have for sale please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can contact us to discuss emergency power in South Africa and leave a few details, or call 0861 752 753 right now.