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While it’s safe to say that every business benefits from backup generators, some types of business are at high risk of safety, quality and health hazards if proper precautions are not taken to prepare for power outages. These generators are used to ensure that systems remain powered, even in the event ... Read More
September 16, 2014DP1357


Determining the right generator size for industrial and commercial buildings is not just useful – it is downright essential. If your generator is not able to meet the demands of your production line or factory, unexpected system failures, capacity overload, performance issues, safety risks and even asset damage are just ... Read More
September 8, 2014DP1357


Backup generator installation may seem like a challenge, but in reality, this process can be done simply and quickly if the job is outsourced to a professional company that has sufficient experience and ability to manage the installation properly. For light industry and commercial sectors that cannot afford to go without ... Read More
September 1, 2014DP1357


Standby generators may not seem like a valuable investment at first, but unless you have ever had to deal with any sort of disaster that renders your company unable to operate, it is hard to truly understand how important such backup strategies can be. Disaster recovery planning focuses on how businesses ... Read More
August 27, 2014DP1357


Choosing the right industrial diesel generator often comes down to finding the most affordable option, but other than price, there are a number of other things to consider in order to ensure that the generator is a solid investment. These generators are used most often for standby and emergency systems, but ... Read More
August 15, 2014DP1357


With Eskom continuing to stage rolling blackouts across South Africa, more homeowners are considering investing in a standby generator than ever before. The energy shortfall is certainly not a new topic, but as Eskom battles to regain its financial footing, and a lack of power plants remains a reality to South ... Read More
August 5, 2014DP1357